7 Tips To Increase Your Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the key to feeling unstoppable. If you lack confidence, it will show in your demeanor and you will constantly have negative emotions that harm your mental health, such as fear and anxiety. Increasing your confidence in yourself is much easier than you might imagine and will take those negative emotions and turn them into something positive and resourceful instead.

Dress for Success

Though most of self-confidence starts with your skills, abilities and mentality, the way you look and feel about your appearance is another factor in your overall confidence. If you feel confident that you look amazing, you will reflect those feelings in the way you carry yourself and look to others. If you feel like others will judge your clothing since you feel it is grubby, dirty or even just doesn’t fit you right, you will end up hunching your shoulders and looking less confident or even scared. Putting on great clothes and knowing that you look amazing is often the first step in feeling confident.

Eat for Success

Even though you may think that the external appearance of somebody is most important, that is only half true. The next thing you need to work on is improving the inner you. Eating properly is one of the best things you can do to increase your confidence. When you feel good physically, you portray it in your everyday interactions with people. The best way to achieve this physique is to prepare healthy and clean meals. You can find great resource for things like healthy weekly menu plans at emeals.com.

Stopping the Worries

Worries not only sap your energy so that you walk and move with a lethargic way, but it also takes away from your confidence and stop you from achieving anything you planned. Instead of giving into worries, consider the worst that can happen. If you always consider the worst case, note that it isn’t as bad as you thought and then turn your energy to creating a great relationship or reaching those career goals, you will end up more confident and more efficient.


One problem that might impact confidence is failing or doing poorly on the first time when you try something new. While logically you might know that failing or doing poorly is the first step in learning to succeed in your endeavors, it can make you feel unsuccessful. One method of managing this situation and preventing it from occurring is visualization. Imagine succeeding in the task as vividly as possible and then try performing the task. You’ll find that you do better after visualization, which results in greater confidence.

Act Like You Are Confident

When you are not confident, ask yourself how you would act if you were and then act out the actions as you imagined them. Acting like you are confident results in gradually forming a habit of confidence and after awhile you will find that you actually are confident. When you act like something long enough, you become what you were acting.

Let Go of the Past

The past failures often drag down confidence, resulting in feeling like you will never succeed in the tasks you’ve decided to perform. Instead of getting bogged down with the past, let it go and think about the present. You cannot change the past and thinking about it will only make the situation worse. The only time you are able to currently affect is the present, so make a goal and then take steps to reach that goal immediately. You’ll find that letting go of things that are gone will make you feel more confident in your current abilities.

Ask for Help

When you are not sure about something or you feel that you are getting in over your head, asking for help will improve the situation. In fact, more often than not you’ll find that most people are willing to help after being asked. If you believe that asking for help will result in receiving the help you need, then your confidence will automatically increase because you feel that others are willing to give you assistance.

Stop Negative Internal Voices

We all have that internal voice that says “I can’t do it…I’m a failure” when we mess up, fail or are striving for a goal we haven’t yet reached. This voice is a hit to your confidence. To stop the internal voice, change the way you hear it. Instead of hearing your own voice or the voice of someone in authority in your life, make your mind register the voice as a clown, Mickey Mouse or one of the chipmunks from Alvin and the Chipmunks. These silly voices are hard to take seriously and after awhile that negativity will fade away completely.

Becoming confident doesn’t require taking any classes or never failing; instead, it requires that you keep trying and change your outlook on life. Always learning from your mistakes and trying again will increase your confidence by helping you reach your goals. You can become confident as long as you are willing to work toward that confident state of mind.